Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm over this blog.  Goodnight and good luck.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Boredom:  An emotional state experienced during periods of lack of activities or when individuals are uninterested in the activities surrounding them.  

Monday, December 8, 2008

I Want To Go To England.

Everyone there just looks so cool.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

On The Wagon.

I have never give people a hard time for not drinking while at a party.  Especially if they are improving their life and trying to sort things out.  

So it really pisses me off when people here continually give me shit for not drinking.  I have 4 broken ribs you asshole and if I get drunk I will not pay attention to the pain and I will hurt myself and probably have to go back to the ER.  I'm not saying you can't drink and have a good time.  I'm not drinking. That's it.  And stop telling me that mixing pain killers and alcohol is a good idea.  That is a terrible idea.  That is how people OD in their sleep and honestly it doesn't make you sound cool.  It makes you sound like a college kid that is trying too hard to look cool. 

And why do you care about what I do? I don't give a fuck what you do. Don't worry about me.  If I'm not having a good time I'll leave.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Seinfeld on the people that ride in the little carts in airports.

"If you are too fat, slow or disoriented to get to your gate on time you are not ready for air travel"

So, so true.  

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I think it's time...

I've got the itch.  The 9-5 is great but there has got to be something better and more exciting.  

It's time to get this show on the road.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is it just me or...

Do you sometimes just want to say "fuck you all"?    I have some decisions to make. 

Monday, October 20, 2008


I hate suburbia and all that it stands for.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jesus Christ.

Mad Men is the best fucking show on television.

Party At The Party.

INT: Bar Bathroom - Late Night

Nikki stands in line for the women's bathroom and watches her friend Megan walk up and stand at the end of the line.  Two girls leave and the line moves forward.  Nikki is now in the bathroom and sees camera flashes coming from the handicap stall.  Nikki watches several camera flashes.

Hey Myspace!  You mind wrapping up your photo shoot!?
 Some people out here actually have to piss!

The flashing continues as the other girls in line laugh.

Hey, I know it's really hard to do coke off the back of a toilet seat
 but do you think you could wrap this shit up!?

One more camera flash, then nothing. Nikki roles her eyes then kicks the bathroom stall door three times and, from inside the stall, a bottle of Bud Light falls to the ground.  The other girls in line laugh, but prepare for the fight ahead.

(Bites finger in mock shame)
I don't give a fuck!

Alas, the stall opens and coke whores spill out and look at Nikki.

Drunk Girl(s)
Why so hostile?!

Um, it's a bathroom not a fucking photo shoot.

End Scene.

That was what happened earlier tonight.  It was pretty fucking funny and I was completely sober. 

Monday, September 8, 2008


Lunch, Chicago style...

Breakfast of champions...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I fucking hate fireworks.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sometimes I feel completely alone.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Wait a second.

So Slipknot is still making music?  Why?  We, as Americans, can only hope that after our country's decline and economic downfall that we will experience a musical revolution like England did in the 60's and 70's.  

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Nothing like days spent with sailors and nights spent with PBS programs about the beginnings of television.  Shows like this make me remember why I moved here.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New City.

New Apt.

So far things are going well. The city is amazing, the weather is gorgeous, people are nice and work is going well too.  But, I must say,  it doesn't mean anything if you don't have friends to enjoy it with. So come visit.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Big C

Chicago = amazing.

more to come...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh my.

I just had a sip of Coke and it was glorious.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Of course...

It would take Indiana Jones to make me feel homesick.   I know I didn't travel to the far and rounded corners of the earth in search of lost relics or proof of god's existence.  But, I did live a far more adventurous life in Indiantown.  I was accustomed to riding horses, dealing with dangerous wild-life (see: snakes and rabid mammals), driving a lot, driving fast and sometimes driving recklessly.  I could go outside and shoot at whatever I wanted to (okay so somethings are the same in the city).  I'm good with a gun, better with a bull whip and down right deadly behind the wheel or in the saddle. Watching the IJ trilogy has made me realize that there are very fun and amazing things that no city or building with a doorman will ever be able to offer.  
What can I say?  I'm an adrenaline junkie and I need more than the fear of used hypodermic needles and crazy homeless people to get my fix.  Half of me is completely content as a city dweller and the other half needs the adventure/lifestyle/fresh air that comes with the country. 

I guess the ideal is to be rich enough to afford both.


Saturday, July 5, 2008


Chuck Palahniuk totally stole the plot for Diary from The Wicker Man.  

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last 4th in Philly

Technically its the first and the last, but who cares right?  So I got the job in Chicago! Yay me!  I found an apartment and it's really awesome so I'm applying for it on Monday and hopefully I'll get it, but this weekend I'm gonna scope out other places just to make sure nothing better has popped up.  

I will hopefully be leaving here on the weekend of the 18th.  My mom is flying up on the 17th.  We will pack and then hopefully be out of here Saturday morning.  We'll stop off in Ohio to visit my dad and sleep and then to the windy city!  I'll hopefully start my new job on the 28th

So I got a new letter from Ant. He's doing well and says that boot camp is flying by so that's great. I still cant get used to writing to someone in the service.  Its so odd.  I talked to John Paul today. Man, I miss him.  He's headed to DC at the same time that I'm leaving Philly. Harbor is touring-ish, Chelsea is still up in the air, Eleanor and Tia are back to teaching in August I think, and Allie is in Fla until further notice.  I know that I should want the best for my friends, and I do. I just cant help that I think "the best" is hanging out with me.  I really do want Allie to come to Chicago.  I know, that with our powers combined, we can make it in the industry.   

I'm also worried about the economy and the depression.  I hope that I'm wrong, but I'm never wrong so... I'm just trying to focus on a new city and a new life and getting out of Philly for better or just slightly better.

Ps.  I really do think that things are falling into place and that Chicago will be where things really happen for me.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Zero Population Growth

Or ZPG as it is sometimes known, is a pretty sweet "dystopian future" film from the 70's.

The plot is that it is the future and, surprise surprise, there are too many people and not enough resources. The world's solution? Sterilization? Euthanasia? Nope. They decide to kill off a generation by passing a law that forbids any births for the next thirty years. The body of the film takes place 8 years after the law is put on the books and already people are baby crazy. A woman, surprise surprise, really wants a baby, so she has one and then her and her husband have to hide it from the rest of the world.

I really liked this movie (apart from the fact that it is one of my main philosophies in life) because I think it is really creative.

First of all, this movie is totally where Chuck Palahniuk got his idea for "daytimers and nighttimers" in his book Rant. It is also where "Children of Men" gets it's ending and gloomy "end of the world" feel. Asides from being ripped off, this movie is great because I really like the way that they showed the world.

There are no trees. There are no animals. You can't breathe the air and you can't see anything because the smog is out of control. The crime of birth is the highest crime and the sentence is death by suffocation for the mother, father and baby. They lower this dome over you and slowly suffocate you, giving you 12 hours to think about what you have done. There are these abortion machines in the bathroom that the women use after they have sex. People adopt the scariest My Buddy/Chuckie Doll robot things. The museums are really shitty and you pretty much only get to go once in your life. The museum is filled with shoddily taxidermied animals (mostly pets or livestock), some plants (about 5 square feet of them) and the museum's main focus. How people lived back in the day (the 70's). You can see what dentists did, how people used to pump gas and drive cars and how we use to shove our faces full of food! There are no books, no music, and you go to the library to watch videos. Old people live in their own designated area, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot, but it's pretty thorough in it's bleakness.

But this movie isn't perfect. It has all of the 70's future dystopian society standbys such as:
People eating "food" out of tubes that look like toothpaste
The always present and ever incessant "big brother" monitoring device in the sky
Everyone rocks a one piece uni-tard jumpsuit thing with a Nauru collar.
And my favorite part of all movies like this, the 1960's "futuristic" furniture that everyone owned back then. I also found the movie to be a bit lazy in the fact that everything from the museum was from the 70's. Like the world just went from "shag carpeting and bell bottoms" to "we cant breathe and there is no food". I think they could have been a little more creative and tried to fill in the gaps instead of stopping with what they already knew.

As I watched the movie all I was thinking "would a world without kids be so bad?".

Monday, June 30, 2008

Just when I thought we couldn't get any cooler...

the old gang from college looks a thousand times more awesome in a mac slideshow set to the theme from SWAT.  With funky 70's movie music behind our photos it looks like we have our own Starsky and Hutch style show, complete with horrible under-cover cop costumes.  

While I'm updating, it seems that I've about run out of stuff to do up here.  Netflix is slow,  no TV, all of the good shows are off for the summer and I've already watched all of the shows online, including youtube.   By the way, the Mighty Boosh is amazing and I can't wait for the movie. 

I also can't wait to leave and I want to start packing, but I don't want to pack too soon and then have to dig through boxes to find something.  I also don't know when to start cleaning.  I know that I don't "have to" because our security deposit is our last month's rent, but I may need to use these people as a reference when finding an apartment in Chicago.  

Now I'm in a bad mood. Sweet.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I hate to post twice in one day but...

I can honestly say that the ending of Dirty Mary Crazy Larry is so shocking and surprising that I gasped.  I actually gasped.  

(Almost) Weekend Update

Today I realized that I have an actual phobia of the dentist and possibly all medical help.  

I had a dentist appointment to get my jaw looked at and I was a wreck the whole day.  I was shaking, sick to my stomach and near the point of tears all over a dentist appointment.  
That got me thinking about how I avoid going to any doctor at all costs.  I don't think that it stems from being afraid of disease or death.  I think it comes from being in and out of emergency rooms too much as a child. From the time I could walk, until the end of middle school, some part of my body was in a cast or in stitches and I think that being in hospitals and doctors offices so much at such a young age has ruined them for me.  However, the good news is that I don't have some monster infection, just two cavities that are getting filled next week.  

The other good news is that I may have a potential job in Chicago, therefore, leaving Philly sooner! Yay!  

Sunday, June 22, 2008


This movie is amazing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The saying "when it rains it pours" is often true.

Anthony left for boot camp in Chicago at the end of May. We just got a letter from him this week and I felt so weird writing him back because in my mind, writing to someone in the Army is just movie fodder. I didn't think I would actually be doing it one day. It seems so old and distant, but I'm just glad that my friend is doing good.
Chelsea and Eleanor came for a visit and just missed a heat wave like no other. Seeing them again was odd, good but odd. We fell back in stride so fast it only seemed like we had only been apart for a month, not 12 of them. However, we have all changed so much in the year that we have been apart that it seemed like we entered some sort of time paradox.
It's just weird to think about. A year since we graduated from, and left Flagler. A year since we had seen each other, what feels like a year spent in Philadelphia and then all parting ways around the same time again. Some of us to Chicago, some back home, some to grad-school.
Today is Wednesday, Allie leaves Friday and I'm alone (for the most part) for about a month. Part of me is really excited to be alone for a bit, and this week's bathroom crowd has definitely shown me that I cannot do the 4 roommates thing anymore. I can also tell that it's time to be by myself when I start snapping at everything in sight (don't take it personally). The other part of me will definitely miss Allie and MacGruber for sure. I know I'll stay busy, I have to apply for jobs, look for apartments, clean, write and I'll have plenty of movies to watch too.
The thing is that, (aside from the trouble of moving somewhere altogether) I cant help thinking in the back of my mind that if I go to Chicago, I'll end up there alone and it will be just another Philly. I also think "Screw it. I'll make friends when I enrol at Second City" (my main reason for going).
The worst part is that I'm just not sure what to do. It's pretty much impossible to get a job if you don't live in the city that the job is in. I know I can go home, but that doesn't mean I really want to. I could move to chi-town and get a month to month or sublet for a month and then find a job. I could do a repeat of Philly and go up and stay with Stephanie while I do some interviews and see what happens then. I know I want to go to Chicago, I just don't know how.
All in all, why does life always seem to either be completely boring or a whirl-wind of shit to do?

Enough emo. Just had to get somethings off my chest.

Monday, June 9, 2008

You want me to eat lettuce?

Today has been exciting.
It's about a thousand degrees outside.
I told the people at work that July 25 will be my last day.
I went to go get my apple juice from the fridge only to discover that I had made some hard cider.
Then, I ate a sandwich with lettuce on it.
I am livin' la vida loca!

PS. I encourage you to try and make your own batch of homemade hooch.

1. Buy a jug of Mott's 100% apple juice
2. Open the jug and drink it strait from the bottle
3. Leave the jug in the refrigerator at work for a month
4. Go to drink some apple juice and say that it tastes funny
5. Put the apple juice back in the fridge and wait another 2 weeks
6. Pull out the apple juice and shake the jug
7. Panic as if being shot at when the jug starts to pop from all the gas inside
8. Open jug and release pressure
9. Drink your homemade cider and let everyone think it is apple juice.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Third Blog's a Charm

As a semi-adult person, I feel that it is time to abandon my more childish blogs of high school and college for a more mature and better looking blog that will suit my needs and desires as a young and happening twenty-something. As I'm sure you may not know, I contribute to the Boy's Club blog. There you can find postings of the comedic and satiric variety. It is here that you can read my rage and paranoia filled posts as I learn what it's like to grow up, get old and start rotting.