Monday, June 9, 2008

You want me to eat lettuce?

Today has been exciting.
It's about a thousand degrees outside.
I told the people at work that July 25 will be my last day.
I went to go get my apple juice from the fridge only to discover that I had made some hard cider.
Then, I ate a sandwich with lettuce on it.
I am livin' la vida loca!

PS. I encourage you to try and make your own batch of homemade hooch.

1. Buy a jug of Mott's 100% apple juice
2. Open the jug and drink it strait from the bottle
3. Leave the jug in the refrigerator at work for a month
4. Go to drink some apple juice and say that it tastes funny
5. Put the apple juice back in the fridge and wait another 2 weeks
6. Pull out the apple juice and shake the jug
7. Panic as if being shot at when the jug starts to pop from all the gas inside
8. Open jug and release pressure
9. Drink your homemade cider and let everyone think it is apple juice.

1 comment:

Moxie said...

Enjoy the buzz. Haha. Drunk working.