Monday, June 30, 2008

Just when I thought we couldn't get any cooler...

the old gang from college looks a thousand times more awesome in a mac slideshow set to the theme from SWAT.  With funky 70's movie music behind our photos it looks like we have our own Starsky and Hutch style show, complete with horrible under-cover cop costumes.  

While I'm updating, it seems that I've about run out of stuff to do up here.  Netflix is slow,  no TV, all of the good shows are off for the summer and I've already watched all of the shows online, including youtube.   By the way, the Mighty Boosh is amazing and I can't wait for the movie. 

I also can't wait to leave and I want to start packing, but I don't want to pack too soon and then have to dig through boxes to find something.  I also don't know when to start cleaning.  I know that I don't "have to" because our security deposit is our last month's rent, but I may need to use these people as a reference when finding an apartment in Chicago.  

Now I'm in a bad mood. Sweet.

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