Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The saying "when it rains it pours" is often true.

Anthony left for boot camp in Chicago at the end of May. We just got a letter from him this week and I felt so weird writing him back because in my mind, writing to someone in the Army is just movie fodder. I didn't think I would actually be doing it one day. It seems so old and distant, but I'm just glad that my friend is doing good.
Chelsea and Eleanor came for a visit and just missed a heat wave like no other. Seeing them again was odd, good but odd. We fell back in stride so fast it only seemed like we had only been apart for a month, not 12 of them. However, we have all changed so much in the year that we have been apart that it seemed like we entered some sort of time paradox.
It's just weird to think about. A year since we graduated from, and left Flagler. A year since we had seen each other, what feels like a year spent in Philadelphia and then all parting ways around the same time again. Some of us to Chicago, some back home, some to grad-school.
Today is Wednesday, Allie leaves Friday and I'm alone (for the most part) for about a month. Part of me is really excited to be alone for a bit, and this week's bathroom crowd has definitely shown me that I cannot do the 4 roommates thing anymore. I can also tell that it's time to be by myself when I start snapping at everything in sight (don't take it personally). The other part of me will definitely miss Allie and MacGruber for sure. I know I'll stay busy, I have to apply for jobs, look for apartments, clean, write and I'll have plenty of movies to watch too.
The thing is that, (aside from the trouble of moving somewhere altogether) I cant help thinking in the back of my mind that if I go to Chicago, I'll end up there alone and it will be just another Philly. I also think "Screw it. I'll make friends when I enrol at Second City" (my main reason for going).
The worst part is that I'm just not sure what to do. It's pretty much impossible to get a job if you don't live in the city that the job is in. I know I can go home, but that doesn't mean I really want to. I could move to chi-town and get a month to month or sublet for a month and then find a job. I could do a repeat of Philly and go up and stay with Stephanie while I do some interviews and see what happens then. I know I want to go to Chicago, I just don't know how.
All in all, why does life always seem to either be completely boring or a whirl-wind of shit to do?

Enough emo. Just had to get somethings off my chest.

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