Sunday, September 14, 2008

Party At The Party.

INT: Bar Bathroom - Late Night

Nikki stands in line for the women's bathroom and watches her friend Megan walk up and stand at the end of the line.  Two girls leave and the line moves forward.  Nikki is now in the bathroom and sees camera flashes coming from the handicap stall.  Nikki watches several camera flashes.

Hey Myspace!  You mind wrapping up your photo shoot!?
 Some people out here actually have to piss!

The flashing continues as the other girls in line laugh.

Hey, I know it's really hard to do coke off the back of a toilet seat
 but do you think you could wrap this shit up!?

One more camera flash, then nothing. Nikki roles her eyes then kicks the bathroom stall door three times and, from inside the stall, a bottle of Bud Light falls to the ground.  The other girls in line laugh, but prepare for the fight ahead.

(Bites finger in mock shame)
I don't give a fuck!

Alas, the stall opens and coke whores spill out and look at Nikki.

Drunk Girl(s)
Why so hostile?!

Um, it's a bathroom not a fucking photo shoot.

End Scene.

That was what happened earlier tonight.  It was pretty fucking funny and I was completely sober.