Thursday, July 3, 2008

Last 4th in Philly

Technically its the first and the last, but who cares right?  So I got the job in Chicago! Yay me!  I found an apartment and it's really awesome so I'm applying for it on Monday and hopefully I'll get it, but this weekend I'm gonna scope out other places just to make sure nothing better has popped up.  

I will hopefully be leaving here on the weekend of the 18th.  My mom is flying up on the 17th.  We will pack and then hopefully be out of here Saturday morning.  We'll stop off in Ohio to visit my dad and sleep and then to the windy city!  I'll hopefully start my new job on the 28th

So I got a new letter from Ant. He's doing well and says that boot camp is flying by so that's great. I still cant get used to writing to someone in the service.  Its so odd.  I talked to John Paul today. Man, I miss him.  He's headed to DC at the same time that I'm leaving Philly. Harbor is touring-ish, Chelsea is still up in the air, Eleanor and Tia are back to teaching in August I think, and Allie is in Fla until further notice.  I know that I should want the best for my friends, and I do. I just cant help that I think "the best" is hanging out with me.  I really do want Allie to come to Chicago.  I know, that with our powers combined, we can make it in the industry.   

I'm also worried about the economy and the depression.  I hope that I'm wrong, but I'm never wrong so... I'm just trying to focus on a new city and a new life and getting out of Philly for better or just slightly better.

Ps.  I really do think that things are falling into place and that Chicago will be where things really happen for me.

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